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I help students achieve higher grades and succeed in their IB Mathematics course

We all know the story.

After a long school day, the student comes home with a pile of IB Math homework and lots of material to study. The exam is approaching, and he/she didn't quite get the first few lessons from that topic. The Math course, which should be interesting, becomes a burden, and the pile of work grows exponentially. The student, not knowing where to start and experiencing burnout, sees his/her grades plummet, and the downward spiral begins.

More often than not, that is not their fault. After teaching IB Math to students from all over the globe and from diverse backgrounds what I observed is that, in general, either teachers are not supporting them appropriately (some IB Math teachers unfortunately have little experience with IB), the student presents gaps that keep them from learning, or they need a different approach to take them from a 4 to a 6 (or even a 7).

A student's track record in the IB Math course is one of the key factors that will determine his/her college acceptances. Let’s get there together.

Taking an IB Math course can be very challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Students need guidance through the course: knowing where to start, what to study and how to study. When given the proper support and tools, the subject becomes more pleasant, studying sessions become easier, and the time necessary to prepare for exams decreases. At the end of the day, a student wants to study efficiently, and not waste time.

Being an experienced IB Math teacher, an official IB Examiner and having tutored students from five continents, I know what it takes to succeed in an IB Math course. Despite its difficulty, with the right approach, great material and the best studying strategies, the results (higher grades) should (and will) come.

🙋‍♀️ Some questions you might have 🙋‍♂️

"So who are you again?”

Hey there!

I'm Bruno, or The IB Math Tutor. Before becoming an IB Math instructor, I graduated in Electrical Engineer and did my post-graduate studies in Electrical Power Systems. After that I got a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence. I have a broad knowledge not only in Mathematics but also in many of its applications.

Besides having worked for many years as an IB HL Mathematics teacher and Head of Department at one of the most prestigious IB schools in São Paulo, I have tutored for over 3,000+ hours students from around the globe, including Singapore, Qatar and PortugaI (just to mention a few). Also, I am currently developing two side projects related to IB Math (won't tell you about it yet because it’s bad luck!). As one can see, I dedicate my time entirely to Mathematics education.

"But I barely know this guy, I wonder if he is a good teacher”

Fair enough, let me say a thing or two about me.

"Does he even have any experience with IB Math?”

I am glad you asked.

Teaching is my career and passion. Besides having taught IB HL Mathematics at one of the leading international schools in Brazil for many years and training many Math teachers along the way as a Head of department, I am also an official IB Examiner, which means that I grade IB Math exams yearly. Being an IB Examiner also provides me the know-how to determine exactly what is expected from the students when sitting for exams and writing external papers.

⭐️ Wanna see some testimonials? Go nuts! ⭐️

"I have tremendous admiration for Mr. Bruno's work. Not only does he have an extensive background, but he also inspires students and relates to them on a personal level. He played a key role in Angelina's admission at Northwestern." Lucia, mother of AA HL student (IB score 41/45, 7 in AA HL)
"Working with Mr. Bruno has been extremely impactful and has completely changed Stephen's trajectory. As the letters of acceptance started to arrive, he was able to choose between the universities he applied for." Alfredo, father of AI HL student (IB score 42/45, 6 in AI HL)

🤔 Frequently asked questions 🤔

“What is your approach to tutoring?“

Getting to know the student’s aim for college allows me to create a personalized learning experience for them. The fact that I work with only a few students per semester gives me the opportunity to design lessons that remove their gaps and build on their strengths.

“How do the lessons work?“

For a seamless online experience, students are tutored through Zoom using Goodnotes. Not only does this allow for real time sharing of a whiteboard, but it also keeps the notes stored in the cloud, which can be easily accessible by the students after class at any time.

“Can I access the lesson notes after the session?“

Most certainly. All notes taken using the Goodnotes app get synced automatically into a single file (therefore the most recent version of the website will always be available through a single link). You can see an example here.

“Will the timezone I am located at be an issue?“

Being in a different timezone is not an issue. Most students schedule their classes during the night time (after coming back from school), therefore having students from around the globe (from the Americas to Oceania) allows me to schedule the lessons throughout my day.

“Are you familiar with other curriculums other than the IB's?“

Though I have extensive familiarity with AP and IGCSE Math curricula, my expertise is dedicated solely to tutoring IB Math.

“Do you help students write their Math IAs?“

The only piece of the IB curriculum that I do not offer tutoring/help is writing IAs. And there is a reason for that (actually, two). The first one is that the exploration is quite personal and should be done by the student only. The second and most important reason is that helping students write their IAs violates the IB guidelines.

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